1. All users are expected to observe the Community Guidelines while interacting in the ACCP e-learning platform. 

  2. For ease of progress tracking, each user shall register for only one account, using an active and valid e-mail address.

  3. All users shall provide the correct spelling of their full name in the Profile. This is to ensure the correct printing of the e-Certificate of Completion at the end of every module. Names indicated in the Profile must not impersonate another person (living or dead), other users, or brands, and must be in line with the rest of this Community Guidelines.

  4. All users should conduct themselves in a respectful manner. The platform does not tolerate the use of offensive words or inappropriate content, including but not limited to profanities, harassment or violence, hate speech, or otherwise discriminatory language.

  5. All users shall provide constructive feedback for further improvement of the modules. For ease of communications, all users shall use English when doing so.

  6. For safety and privacy reasons, all users shall not share their personal contact details (e.g. mobile phone numbers, address or other information that can be used to identify or harm the users) on the platform, or ask other users’ for theirs.

  7. All users are expected to take part in quizzes honestly and not to share answers.

  8. Users are free to use any downloadable documents for personal or public sector projects. However, users are not allowed to distribute these assets without prior notice.